What I’ve Learned About God in 29 Blog Posts

March 2016. The month I returned to blogging.

I have learned SO MUCH! For one thing, blogging every single day is exhausting! I don’t have time for my husband, or my personal study or relaxing with a book in the evenings! So, you might be glad to know I won’t be clogging up your email inboxes quite so frequently from this point on. 😉 I am aiming for 3 posts a week, give or take.

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We’re Following the Leader, Wherever He May Go!

Follow Me – and I will make you fishers of men.” ~Matthew 4:19

Follow Me,’ He told them.” – Mark 2:14

My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me.” -John 10:27

If anyone serves me, he must follow Me; and where I am, there will my servant be also.” ~John 12:26

Whoever does not take up their cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me.” ~Matthew 10:38

But Jesus told him, “Follow Me, and let the dead bury their own dead.“” ~Matthew 8:22

And after saying this he said to him, “Follow Me.””~John 21:19

Jesus said to him, “If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!“”~John 21:22

I’ve now seen the word “Follow” so many times that it looks weird! :)

Let’s follow Jesus! Let’s be like ducklings, following our mothers around, learning how to use our skills and learning how to live. If we follow Jesus, our eyes will be on Him. “Keep your eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2). When we follow Jesus, we will go where He goes. We will talk like He talks. We will love like He loves. We will become more like Him.

My favorite of these verses is from John 21:22 — “Jesus said to him, ‘If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!” Jesus told Peter it doesn’t matter what John’s calling was. Peter wasn’t following John, no. Jesus called Peter to follow Him! Get hooked on Jesus. You will start to look like Him and act like Him. Read His Word. Spend time in prayer. I exhort you to ask Him to speak to you tonight about where you have not been following Him. What have you been ignoring that you want Him to help you make right?

May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you, and give you peace.

With love,

Jen :)


What Do I Know?

Bless the Lord, O my soul! O Lord my God, You are very great!
You are clothed with splendor and majesty, covering Yourself with light as a garment, strethcing out the heavens like a tent. 
He lays the beams of His chambers on the waters; He makes the clouds His chariot;
He rides on the wings of the wind;
He makes His messengers winds,
His ministers a flaming fire.
He set the earth on its foundations, so that it should never be moved.

~Psalm 104:1-5

Glory to God. It’s so easy to see the world through my own eyes. But it’s His, it’s His creation. He knows every detail. “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it” (Psalm 139:6). And He knows it all. I know nothing compared to Him. My mind is soo small compared to His. But still, I long to know more. I want to keep on learning all the days of my life. There is no end to what He can teach me. I pray I will not myself from learning more because I have a know-it-all attitude. What do I know? Father, I pray for humility in my heart. I pray for the faith to admit that I do not, by any means, know it all. May I live a life that gives glory to You by searching You out and searching all of Your ways. Glory to God in the highest.

I pray You will bless us with a deep hunger to know You more, a thirst for Your presence and Your wisdom. I pray we will long to know all of Your ways, that we will long to discover Your paths. Thank you Spirit, that You have given us the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16).

Deborah, a Mother in Israel

Until I, Deborah, arose as a mother in Israel” (Judges 5:7). 

Israel needed leadership. Deborah apparently stepped up to lead. In Judges 4:4 she is introduced, and we read, “Now Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lappidoth, was judging Israel at that time.” (Judging here is basically the equivalent of “leading”). “She used to sit under the Palm of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim, and the people of Israel came up to her for judgment.”   Read more

He Will Forgive You, Heal You, Redeem You and Crown You

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy name! Bless the Lord, o my soul, and forget not all His benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy, who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagles. The Lord works righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed. He made known His ways to Moses, His acts to the people of Israel. The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding steadfast love.” (Psalm 103:1-8)


  • What diseases are you suffering from?
  • What iniquity (pattern of sin) are you struggling with?
  • What do you need to be redeemed from?


The Lord will heal you. He will forgive you, redeem you, and crown you, with steadfast love and mercy. The Lord will satisfy you with good and renew your youth. You have only to ask and He will do it. Read more